Privacy Policy

Zlo is a worldwide organization offering a web based service that permits the creators of its campaigns to create specific items and enhance the offer of those items to customers all over the world through targeted campaigns. Zlo and all its subsidiaries abide by the following Privacy Policy.

This Privacy Policy portrays how we gather and make use of the data we acquire when you make use of our Service. More so, it portrays the options we offer to you with respect to our utilization of your Personal Information and how you can access and oversee that data. This Privacy Policy is a section of, and is guided by our Terms of Service, which you must acknowledge before we can do business together. Your acknowledgment of this Privacy Policy implies that you are okay with us using cookies and other related tools that will be mentioned in this article.

Be conscious of the fact that we may direct you from our site to another site with a different privacy policy. When this happens, your information will then be guided by their policies. We will not be liable for the policies of these sites and as such, you are advised to read them thoroughly before agreeing to them.

Details We Obtain

Mandatory information: Personal data refers to the data that connects us to only you. These data can help us instantly and repeatedly recognize you and or find you. Based on your navigation on Zlo service, the personal data we will request of you might differ. For instance, we will have to get your name and email address if you wish to register as a seller on our site. If you make use of any social media e.g. Facebook, you will have to supply certain information to help us verify your account. In the event that you dispatch an effective campaign, we may gather extra Personal Information as expected to send you and the appropriate tax department a revenue reporting document. If you buy anything on our platform, you will have to supply information such as email, shipping address, credit card number and billing address.

If you decide to send someone a gift, you will have to supply us with the address of the person. All data collected are just to help us serve you better.

Automated Technologies: “Site data” refers to the data we obtain and store on our server logs which are gotten from your browser. They include the page you come from and go to after leaving our, date and time of visit, IP address, information about your mobile device including its OS. These data may be combined automatically with the other information we have about you. Furthermore, the site info is also collected automatically whenever you use Zlo Service. Technologies such as embedded web links, web beacons, pixel tag, cookies etc are used to get this information. On personal browsers, users have the option to control the use of cookies. Our sites can also be used by you; however, there will be restrictions on the usage of some features.

Blog: community forums and blogs which can be accessed by the public can also be offered by the Zlo Service. Note that any information supplied on these media is accessible and usable by other people on the platform. You can reach out to us through if you want to remove your personal information from the forums and blogs. Some instances make it impossible for us to remove certain details at certain times and if this applies to you, we will inform you and also let you know the reason it cannot be removed.

Social Media Widgets: social media features e.g. Facebook share and like buttons may be embedded in the Zlo Service. Your IP address, page you are visiting on our website, may be monitored and the cookie settings on your browser may have to be adjusted so we can serve you better. Specific social media features are hosted by such provider. The privacy policy of these companies governs your interactions with these features.

Single Sign-On: You have the option of using sign-in services such as an Open ID provider or Facebook connect to log into the Zlo Service. These services will verify your ID and offer you the choice of sharing personal data with us including your name and email to electronically generate our sign in database. These sign-in services offer users the opportunity to upload data about activities on Zlo Services to your personal page so as to share with other users on your network.

How Your Information is used

Generally, the Zlo service makes use of these personal data to serve you better. It helps us set up an account for you, confirm and process our order, pay you royalties whenever due and answer to your customer support questions.

We also make use of these data for promotional and marketing purposes. For instance, messages pertaining to promos an discounts an you always have the choice to stop receiving these promotional emails whenever you please; however, the transactional emails which we send to notify you on transactions which you have done cannot be stopped. Examples include; changes to Zlo policies, order shipment update etc.

For some specific functions, we make use of the Site Information we obtain on the Zlo Service. These functions include verifying your identity upon sign-in etc. we also use them to monitor how our services are being used by different people. The monitoring majorly has to do with trend analyses, observation of navigation patterns on our site as well as the putting together of the demographic statistics of our users. We may also recommend other products for you to buy. Your activities on Zlo may be monitored with the aid of beacons and cookies and this navigation pattern of yours will determine the type of promotional messages we will be sending your way.

We utilize Performance data to investigate and better comprehend the attributes of effective offerings and crusades and to enhance our sellers’ performances and the general Zlo Service.

Zlo does not gather Personal data about your activities online on various websites after some time, In like manner; we do not recognize the “don’t track” program demands.

All personal information processed by Zlo is processed in the US. Understand that you are accepting that you data can be transferred to the US and other parts of the world. Your Personal data will be analyzed using this Privacy Policy as its guide. Zlo, Inc. takes an interest in the Safe Harbor project kept up by the US Department of Commerce and the European Union and has ensured that it holds fast to the program’s security standards. To understand more about those standards and the project, visit the U.S. Division of Commerce.

Sharing of Information

We are going to share data we gather, including your Personal data, as expected to give the Zlo Service to you. More so, with your consent, we will share your personal information with third party. However, if we do not get your authorization, we do not share, sell or rent you personal data with any third party especially not for marketing reasons

Sellers: We may share general, impersonal Site data, Performance Information or other data with our merchants to help them enhance their performance through the Zlo Services. We won’t impart Personal data to our merchants without your permission.

Strategic Partners: We may share total, impersonal data with specific promoting and content licensing partners. Where sellers are directly compensated by an agency or partner, your performance information will be shared to facilitate the payments.

As Required by Law and Similar Disclosures: We may get to, save, and uncover your content and Personal data in the event request from law enforcement authorities e.g. subpoena or court order; also, if it would protect the right of others and our right. Particularly, we may release your data to a complainant who asserts that your exercises have breached their policies or rights (for example, where your promotion forms the basis for an investigation). We might likewise uncover your data where you have charged infringement of your rights by a third party.

Merger, Sale or Other Asset Transfers: In the event of Zlo being involved in an acquisition, merger, or sale of all or a bit of its assets, your details will be transferred as part of the transaction, as the law permits.

Information Management

Peradventure, you might want to change or update your Personal Information with us, you can do as such in the settings tab of your dashboard or by reaching us. For security reasons, we will ask for some form of proof that you are the owner of the account. You also have the option to reach us if you wish to deactivate your account. If we have no outstanding business by the time of your request, we will remove all information pertaining to you from our website.

Privacy for Kids

We don’t purposely gather, keep up, or use Personal from kids below 13 years old without parental assent, and no aspect of the Zlo Service is for kids less than 13 years old. If discovered that you discover that your kid has given us Personal data without your prior knowledge and approval, you can inform us at

Retention of Data

For as long as your account is active, we will continue to keep your record. We will save and utilize your data in a manner that complies with legal duties, settle disagreements and enforce agreements.


The privacy of your Personal data is a top priority to us and we make significant moves to guarantee that it is dealt with in an appropriate manner. Be that as it may, we can’t guarantee the security of any data given to us. We will not be liable for unintentional exposure.

You accept that we can reach you electronically with regards to administrative, privacy and security issues pertaining to your utilization of the Zlo Service. We will notify either through email or by posting a notice on the Zlo service in the event of a security system breach. You may have a legitimate right to get this notification in written format. To get free written notification of security violations, contact us at

Notification of Privacy Policy modifications

Zlo may occasionally make some improvements to this Privacy Policy that will be uploaded on our website or sent to you through a recognized medium such as mobile alerts or email. We strongly recommend that you intermittently go through this page for the most recent data on our protection practices.